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 Librarian  Susan Rogers
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Board of Trustees


Paula Rogers

Libraries have always been important to me; from the mobile library of my elementary years to the Simon Fraser University library as an undergrad. I love them all! I passed my passion for the written word onto my children and hopefully to many of the students I taught for thirty plus years as a Special Education teacher.

When I moved to Nakusp twenty-five years ago one of my first forays into the community was to find the local library. At that time our Library was a tiny little place staffed by dedicated Evelyn Goodell and other wonderful librarians.

In 2006 Evelyn invited me to become a Nakusp Library board trustee. I was honoured and delighted to bring my passion for literature and skills as a teacher to join the board. Within two years I was asked to be the Library Board Chair and throughout the last fifteen years, with a hiatus of two years, I’ve had the privilege of working with an amazing array of passionate, talented, albeit ever changing but always dedicated team of staff, board and volunteers.

I’ve visited many libraries over the years, especially within the Kootenays, and I can safely say our little library’s expansion and transformation in 2006 have made it one of the most welcoming, beautiful libraries in B.C.

Vice-Chairperson, FOLs (Friends of the Library) Representative

Barbara MacPherson

As a writer and lover of literature, it’s been a highlight of my life to serve on the Nakusp Library Board.  I’ve served on the board for 16 years (broken up into different periods) in several capacities and worked with many wonderful, dedicated people who all have the common goal of making our library the best it can be.

Nakusp is privileged to have such a friendly, vital, up-to-date library, and I’m privileged to have been part of it.


Elaine Rogers

Secretary, KLF (Kootenay Library Federation) Representative

Shori Smith

Upon my arrival in Nakusp more than 15 years ago, I ventured up the front steps of the building and entered the small, one-room library filled to the brim with piles of books on top of shelves of books, showcased by Saddle Mountain through the big bright windows. I was sure I had just discovered the most idyllic setting I could have imagined. The Librarian at the time was so inviting and in that moment I knew that this village was special and would be a beautiful place to raise my two children.

I was employed at the Nakusp Public Library for a short time and knew I wanted to continue to give to the library when I accepted employment elsewhere. So, I joined the library board leaning on my administrative background to assist with the board functions. I am honoured to be a board trustee working with the many amazing people for the betterment of our library presently and for our future generations.


Deborah Austin

Hullo!  I am Deborah Austin.  I have lived with my family in the Nakusp area for about 20 years.  I have been an avid reader my whole life.  I love the little library in Nakusp, and am a new member of the Nakusp Public Library board. I hope to offer support with my experience as a chair/members of other boards in the past, as well as my experience on advisory committees in health care and education.

What impressed me most about this library has been their commitment to great customer service.  Assisting me with setting up my on-line library service, their ideas and suggestions for books and videos, as well as their ongoing service during this past year of COVID restrictions, has been really important to me, and my family.

Jamie Dumonceaux


Although Nakusp has been my home for only a short while, I consider myself blessed to be a part of this amazing community.  I am a retired journeyman carpenter and volunteering has always been an important part of my life.  What better place to dedicate some time and effort than Nakusp’s beautiful little library!  As one of the newest members of the board, I look forward to learning more about all that is involved in the operation of the library, and I am hopeful that I can bring some fresh ideas to the table. The board has some excellent goals for the future of the library, and I am please to be part of the team!

Linda Harrington

I have been a member of the board since 2018.  My work experience includes secretarial, and accounting duties as well as years in real estate in the Kootenays.  I assisted in the production and editing of my husband’s four books on nature and the environment. Bob and I also organized the highly successful “Get High on Nature” conferences for the Nelson School District.

A lover of libraries since the age of seven, I am an avid reader and member of the library’s book reading group. I love gardening, nature walks, identifying plants and my constant companion “Shadow” – a dog who sees her role as Nakusp’s mascot – meeting and greeting all she meets. I thoroughly enjoy living in Nakusp and appreciate the wonderfully generous and helpful people I have met through my association with the library.

Jerry Van Immerzeel

I’ve been in Nakusp since 1984. I was a former Arrow Lakes School District trustee for 10 years and a member of Nakusp Rotary Club.

Currently I’m a Nakusp Public Library trustee, a Nakusp and Area Community Trail Society board member, vice president of the Arrow Lakes ATV Club, and director of the Arrow Lakes Caribou Society.

I look at the positives and build on them and I like seeing things through. Being questioning, in my view, is a good trait. ‘Volunteerism’ is a major part of my make up.

Terry Welsh

Village of Nakusp Representative

Susan DeSandoli

Board Meetings

The Nakusp Public Library Board of Trustees meets on the second Thursday of each month at 10 a.m. at the library. The librarian and treasurer provide monthly reports. This meeting is open to the public.  Please note: the library board does not meet in July, August, or December.


Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Nakusp Public Library Association is held in February of every year.