Strategic Plan

Nakusp Public Library

Mission statement and goals


Mission statement:

The mission of the Nakusp Public Library is to provide quality materials, resources, programs, and services, which help fulfill the educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs of the community in an environment that is attractive, respectful, non-judgmental, and welcoming.

VALUES: Community enhancement, Literacy, Accountability, Inclusivity

VISION:  To become the heart of the community through social activity, distribution of information and creative inspiration.


GOALS: The Nakusp Public Library has identified the following professional goals that will be our focus:

Goal A:  Become an information center of Nakusp and area

Goal B:  Build strong community connections

Goal C:  Ensure long-term sustainability

Support the Canadian Library Association’s Statement of Intellectual Freedom. See Appendix II.

GOAL A:  Become an information center of Nakusp & area:


Make efforts to know our community better

Offer varied databases and digital material in accordance with community desires and needs

Provide patron service that is not only based in the library, but also connected with online resources that are available 24/7 e.g. Novelist, Reader’s Advisory

Connect with other community groups, discover what they do and what they offer to our community

Make a map of available resources in Nakusp

Have a directory of community organizations and businesses to be available in the library

Put a link on our website to the Nakusp and Arrow Lakes Online Directory

Acquire more training for staff and volunteers to stay current with technological advancements

Reach out to our diverse population with workshops that are relevant, useful, and meaningful e.g. mushroom identification

Create an informational binder for staff and volunteers that provides easy access to library policies, forms, statistics, and other informational needs, thus enabling staff to perform their duties with minimal disruptions

Step up support of entrepreneurs and home-based businesses by inviting individuals with expertise in various fields to share their knowledge in workshops

Promote library services through a variety of print, electronic, and media opportunities

Establish a community bulletin board for barter exchanges and car-pooling


GOAL B:  Build strong community connections


Enhance our image in the community via public relations, media, and personal contacts

Provide a collection that is responsive to community needs and desires

Provide services that enhance lifelong learning, stimulate imagination, and satisfy curiosity

Connect with other community groups e.g. CBAL, Seniors, Nakusp Youth Society, and identify what we can do to work together

Connect with outlying reading centers, establishing collection borrowing from the Nakusp Library and conveying what programs and events are taking place

Partner with the Arrow Lakes Historical Society Archives and promote this resource

Be the welcome committee reaching out to newcomers

Ensure our library is a pleasing physical space to meet unique user needs, to interact with others, or to work independently

Market new titles using social media and website

Improve access to information to enhance patron satisfaction

Offer one-on-one training for using the Nakusp Library website, how to access the resources and databases

Provide tutoring in iPad and e-reader use

Remove fines from the juvenile collections on a 1-year trial basis in order to enhance positive relationships between youth and the library

Create artistic bookmarks that thank patrons for returning articles on time

Have a presence at local events such as Farmer’s Market, Fall Fair, July 1st etc.

Connect with the home-schooled students and families

Have a regularly scheduled afternoon school club for students

Establish better connections with Nakusp Elementary, Nakusp Senior Secondary and Selkirk College

Promote inter-generational connections within our programs




GOAL C: Ensure long-term sustainability


Work to increase funding to ensure adequate open hours to meet all patron needs

Encourage passionate support from community members to donate, advocate, and participate

Keep in positive contact with our major stakeholders, the Village, RDCK representative, and local Columbia Basin Trust representative, to keep them up-dated with library activities, goals, and achievements

Set a fund-raising goal annually and brainstorm for new ideas

Engage the Friends of the Library with new strategies to encourage greater involvement

Propose that a referendum be held to explore the possibility of including more out-of-town residents within the tax base to support the Nakusp Public Library