5. Mobile Catalogue (PAC)

  1. Searching the Mobile PAC
  2. Mobile PAC Account Information
The Mobile PAC is designed for users with mobile or smaller screen devices (eg. smartphones, tablets) as well as for users with dial-up or slower connections. You can search the catalogue using the Mobile PAC as well as log into My Account to manage items checked out, items on hold, and fines. You can also place holds using the Mobile Catalogue. A link called Mobile Catalogue at the bottom of the catalogue provides access to the Mobile PAC.

Further Help:

  1. Search the catalogue
    1. Basic Search
    2. Advanced Search
    3. Numeric Search
    4. MARC Expert Search
    5. Browse the Catalogue
    6. Search Tips
    7. Search Methodology
    8. Search Results
  2. Placing Holds
    1. Title and Volume Holds
    2. Placing Holds on Multiple Records of the Same Title
  3. My Account
    1. Logging into Your Account
    2. Resetting Your Password
    3. Account Summary
    4. Account Preferences
    5. Messages
    6. Items Checked out
    7. Holds
    8. Fines and Payments
  4. Baskets and Lists
    1. Working with the Basket
    2. Working with Lists
  5. Integrated Electronic Resources (eBooks & eAudioooks)
    1. Checking Out E-resources
    2. Placing Holds on E-resources
    3. Checked Out and On Hold E-resources in My Account