Meeting Room Rentals


Nakusp Public Library

Public Space Use Policy

A. Guiding Principles

The library’s public space is an important part of our overall vision to enrich the human spirit and strengthen our commitment to democratic participation.

Our public space contributes to community building by providing an opportunity for diverse cultures and socio-economic groups to express opinions and perspectives through personal interaction, planned assemblies and celebrations. It is an expression of our commitment to collective values, free and open access and public deliberations. It also provides opportunities for solitude and reflection. Use of our public space places the library at the center of public life and supports life-long learning.

B. General Guidelines

Please establish a liaison in your organization that will be responsible for understanding this Public Space Use Policy and ensuring the renting organization’s obligations are met. To keep things simple, this liaison will be the library’s staff’s sole point of contact for your organization.

Please book the library at least 2 weeks in advance for meetings during closed hours, and 1 week in advance for meetings during open hours.   To make a booking, please phone the library: 250-265-3363 or email

If your meeting anticipates any one of the following, please make arrangements to use the library during closed hours:

– more than 8 people expected to attend

– food and drink will be served

– noise level or activities may interfere with regular library operations

We ask that groups using the library return the favor by contributing to the library in some way:

– Donations of books or other resource materials to the library.

– Financial donation, which we could use to purchase materials that support the   public outreach objectives of both our organizations. This can be as simple as passing around a donation jar.

– Hosting a program at the library — such as a slide show or public update on your organization’s activities.

Please clean up after yourselves. Put chairs away. If the floor is a mess when you’re done, please sweep and help us protect the floor. There’s a broom and dustpan in the library foyer.

C. Meetings During Open Hours

During open hours, groups of 8 or fewer people are welcome to use the table between the adult fiction and adult non-fiction sections. No deposit is required.

To help keep staff time to a minimum, please leave the area in the same state of tidiness in which you found it.

D. Meetings During Closed Hours

When you make your booking, you’ll be asked to come to the library to pay a $20 clean-up deposit. That deposit is refundable the day after your event, provided the library is left clean and undamaged. The booking is not guaranteed until the deposit is paid. When you make your booking, please discuss arrangements for accessing the library for your event.

If your organization carries insurance, please ask for the Nakusp Public Library Association to be listed as an additional insured on your policy. There should be no charge for this change. Similarly, we will contact our insurance company and list your organization as an additional insured on our own policy.

You are welcome to serve food and beverages at your meeting, but please be careful around books and other library materials. If you use our dishes, please wash them and leave them to dry (dish rack and soap are under the sink).

Ensure all the lights are off when you leave (except the outside light at the top of the stairs).  Drop the key in an envelope into the book drop box after locking the door.

When you come back to the library to pick up your deposit, please let us know how many people attended your meeting. Keeping track of numbers will help us know how well used the library is during closed hours.

If the library is left in messy condition, your organization will forfeit the $20 deposit and we’ll be reluctant to invite you back for other events.

Any deposits not claimed by the meeting organization after 2 months will be considered a donation to the library.  Thank-you!

E. Meetings with Staff or Board Involvement

A library staff or board member can act as an organization’s liaison, so long as that member is attending the event. In these cases, no deposit is required, but meetings must be confirmed with the librarian, assistant librarian, or board chair.