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A Library Memory Valentine from Deirdre Dore

We’re kicking off the launch of our blog for Valentine’s Day weekend, with a lovely memory from longtime library lover, patron and volunteer Deirdre Dore!

I was waiting my turn at the library’s front desk one afternoon while a young man in front of me chatted with the librarian – Susan as I recall. Dressed in wool and leather, he had written a book and wanted to donate a copy to the library. Susan gratefully accepted his gift: a hard cover, coffee table style book, beautifully illustrated with the photographs he had taken on his trip to Nepal. As he left he apologized for keeping me waiting. I said, Oh no problem I was just hoping to hear a bit more about your book. At that, he stopped, smiled and pulled from his worn satchel another brand new copy, protected in a plastic sleeve. For you, he said, enjoy. Amazed, I thanked him.
When you have spent decades of your life in a remote valley, two hours away from the nearest library which shelved at the most a hundred books, maybe less, and then you move to Nakusp, it’s like instant riches. Suddenly you have available to you thousands of titles, and your whole reading world explodes. Add to that the DVD’s and CD’s, the local art and public computers, the children circled ’round for story time. Even those exotic items tucked away in a mysterious cupboard. (An East Indian drum? Claire will know!) And, yes, a bevy of helpful librarians and generous patrons.
It doesn’t get any better.
Aside from the physical space, the library also hosts an online website where you can browse and put on hold whatever titles are available, not only in Nakusp, but BC wide. It’s rare I cannot find a particular book I am looking for.
My latest gems: Rachel Cusk, Kevin Barry, A Bear Called Paddington, Empire of the Summer Moon and of course, The Human Connection by Jeremy Fokkens – Check it out!

– Deirdre Dore