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Citizenship & Newcomers

BC Websites

  • BC CHARMS Refugee Claimant Navigation Website - If you have fled from your home country because your life is in danger and you have come to British Columbia to seek asylum (make a refugee claim), this website will help you with information.
  • Click Law - An Internet subject guide to authoritative legal resources in BC and Canada. Developed by the Legal Services Society of BC and now maintained by the BC Courthouse Library Society. No library card is required to access this resource on the Internet.
  • Immigrant Services Society of BC - provides free immigrant services including settlement support, employment programs, English classes, and more.
  • NewToBC - Find out services, programs and resources available to newcomers at, a website offered by BC Libraries to help you succeed in your new community.
  • Skilled Immigrant InfoCentre - a virtual resource centre that connects skilled immigrants, community service providers and BC public libraries. Assistance is provided to skilled immigrants who qualified in a trade or profession in their home country and would like to find the same type of work in BC.
  • WelcomeBC will help you find a career path in the province, and learn the steps you can take to find a job that matches your skills, training and experience.

Canadian Websites

  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada - Government of Canada site which explains the requirements for becoming a Canadian citizen and how to apply. Also provides information on the status of individual applications, and how long the process may take.
  • Discover Canada - This is a web version of the study booklet for Canadian citizenship. The booklet can also be downloaded in pdf form.
  • MOSAIC - programs to help immigrants and refugees settle and start a new life in Canada.