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Nakusp Public Library’s Year in Review – 2014

Susan Rogers: Librarian

Our Mission statement:
The mission of the Nakusp Public Library is to provide quality materials, resources, programs, and services, which help fulfill the educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs of the community in an environment that is attractive, respectful, non-judgmental, and welcoming. Our three main goals are: A: to become an information center of Nakusp and area B: to build strong community connections C: to ensure the library’s long-term sustainability.
2014 was a year of collaboration. We worked with the Kootenay Library Federation, Arrow Lakes Historical Society, Selkirk College, Nakusp Writers’ group, CBAL (Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy), CLAC (Columbia Literacy Advisory Committee), and Healthy Families. We also collaborated with Alliance Francoise out of Nelson to bring in block loans of French language books; with the local Arrow Lakes Alliance Church to have on our shelves 50 of their Christian books and DVDs; and with Kaslo Public Library we swapped 50 Large Print Books biannually. These connections greatly enhanced our abilities to provide diversity in our programs and in our collection.
Nakusp Library organized sixty-nine events in 2014 as compared to forty-seven the previous year – an increase of 33% from 2013. Our many events included author readings, book discussions and swaps, craft sessions, storytimes, workshops, parties, a writer’s coffeehouse, and a poetry slam.
Our sessions of outreach included participation in the Farmer’s Market, Fall Fair, Books Everywhere program, and providing the Books for Babes kits as well as travelling to three outlying Reading Centers .
Volunteers have always played a vital role at Nakusp Public Library. The Library could not function without their support and much valued hard work. The help of the Board of Trustees, volunteers, and Friends of the Library was essential to many Library services, programs, and all fund raising events. Our dedicated friendly volunteers who help at the circulation counter contributed 376 hours of their valuable time to help patrons and staff.
Long time staff member Patty Riley retired in July and in August we were delighted to welcome Amy Manegre to join our library team of Susan Rogers, Head Librarian, and Cindy Schroff, Youth Librarian.
In 2014 we replaced, and added some new shelving to our Science Fiction section. The old wooden threshold at the front door was placed with a metal one. Wheelchair/stroller accessibility became a long awaited reality as the Arrow Lakes Historical Society completed the final stage of the Archives building addition at the back of the Library. The Library is now accessible to all.
The library has a great selection of DVDs/videos that is of real benefit for those in our rural area without television and to those with low incomes. The circulation of visual materials continued to increase. There were 12,060 checkouts of DVDs/videos as opposed to 10,877 in 2013.
We are also seeing a marked increase was ebooks/eaudios. In 2014 there were 3,053 checkouts of 2,362 different titles as compared to 2013 with 2,210 checkouts.
With vital and well appreciated continued support from Village of Nakusp, RDCK, and the Ministry of Education we were able to continue providing our community with outstanding library service. These stakeholders are the backbone of our finances. They collectively contributed $106,720 to our operating revenue of $148,848. Eight fundraising efforts throughout the year achieved a total of $11,059.80, an increase from 2013 totals of $9,552.51. Patrons and other library supporters also charitably donated $12,417.72 of which $7,794 of this was in memoriam donations. Ongoing throughout the year we all have collection fund contributions for magazine subscriptions and donations for purchasing books and DVDs. We added 1,496 items to bring our total collection in the Library to 23,888.
On the expense side our occupancy costs were $18,205; purchased supplies: $15,602; payroll and benefit expenses: $69,441; professional expenses: $3,050; and office expenses $12,836. Our total expenses for the year were $119, 133. We have a carry forward amount to tide us through until the government monies are released in the late spring and mid-summer.
The Nakusp Public Library has had another successful, busy year in 2014, with improvements in many areas. We value suggestions and are receptive to trying new ideas. We look forward to continuing to serve our community…CHECK US OUT!

Nakusp Public Library

Annual Report January – December 2013

Susan Rogers Librarian

A library is a place that is a repository of information and gives every citizen equal access to it. It’s a community space. It’s a place of safety, a haven from the world. Neil Gaiman

It is with pleasure I bring to you a summation of Nakusp Public Library’s 2013.

The library staff changed significantly in January as Sabina Iseli-Otto resigned to pursue other interests. I took over as Head Librarian from my position as Assistant Librarian since 1999. Along with two valued staff members, Cindy McNaughton and Patty Riley, our job descriptions and hours for were rearranged so that the work load was distributed more evenly. We all are dedicated to our community needs and we continue to work hard at improving our services by listening to our patron needs, taking ongoing training, and attending conferences.

Our most significant achievement this year was our first ever Strategic Five-Year Plan. A community needs questionnaire was sent out in May to Nakusp and surrounding communities. I complied the data and then together with a board committee we analyzed the results. With this knowledge we put forth a Strategic Plan that took into account rapidly changing technology and the changing role of libraries in the current culture. No longer considered to be the quiet place, the library is now a hub of activity and the go-to place for unlimited information not only through a great collection, but public access computers, downloads for e-readers, WiFi, IPads, online databases – the list goes on. With this demand, there was a need for re-thinking priorities and directions. Responding to this, our new mission statement is: The Mission of the Nakusp Public Library is to provide quality materials, resources, programs, and services, which help fulfill the educational, informational, cultural and recreational needs of the community in an environment that is attractive, respectful, non-judgmental, and welcoming. Our three main goals are: A: to become an information center of Nakusp and area; B: to build strong community connections and C: to ensure the library’s long-term sustainability.

Another exciting development in 2013 was the completion of new junior shelving built by Mickey Wojnarowski, He used locally harvested birch, walnut, and yew. The artistry in these bookcases is a truly remarkable. This worthwhile project was funded by Columbia Basin Trust initiatives.

2013 saw some great programs at our library started off by Patty hosting Nakusp’s very own Canada Reads discussion. We had 6 author readings, the Kootenay Bat Project, For the Love of Poetry evening, a Book Swap, Writer’s Coffeehouse, and various parties such as shelf-reading. Our library was also home to meetings of a Book Club, Winegrowers, Beaton Arm Crossing, and Book Making/Altering groups throughout the year.

Summertime had Cindy busy planning activities for children. With our summer student Nicole Hawe’s assistance, Cindy was able to offer 7 weekly events such as photography with Lee Orr, a Willy Wonka afternoon- chocolate making with Jennifer Cross (better known as Jennifer Chocolates.), and Lego Mania. Nicole Hawe also was the smiling face at the library’s table in the Farmer’s Market; bringing the library to the street.

In October board vice-chair, Linda Van Immerzeel and Cindy, turned our library into a magical place for a Harry Potter party. 6 volunteers manned the stations and 63 children and 19 adults came to enjoy the festivities and great eats.

Core funders to our operations are the Village of Nakusp, Director Paul Peterson and RDCK, Ministry of Education Libraries and Literacy Branch to whom we remain eternally grateful. In addition, fund-raising remains a vital tool in ensuring library services. Many individuals donated time, money, and items for our various fund-raising events. The year wrapped up with our collection drive of which Director Paul Peterson generously donated a kick-off fund of $1200.00.

The role of volunteers continues to be essential in the operation of the Nakusp Public Library. The staff is always grateful for the fantastic support they give. All the board are volunteers; volunteers manage the circulation desk during the library’s open hours, and Our Friends of the Library group consisting of 44 members, continues to help in a myriad of ways. As well as fund-raising, these friends baked for library events, did set up and clean up for library programs, organized shelves, manned tables at community events, did home delivery, helped with Books Everywhere, repaired books, tended the plants in the library, and brought summer flowers to brighten our space. Seven volunteers, including two teenagers, worked regular shifts at the circulation desk.

As we look forward into 2014 we will continue to value our beloved community input for library services and suggestions for our collection. We are open to fresh ideas and collaboration with community groups. We look forward to implementing our strategic plan in connecting with outlying reading centers and committees within Nakusp. Together we can accomplish much.

I am very grateful to the Nakusp Library’s wonderful board for their unwavering support and patience of my new role as Head Librarian. The Library could not function without their extreme dedication and devotion. Also many thanks to our wonderful patrons who cherish the Nakusp Library and make it a hub of Nakusp. We are here for you.


Susan Rogers